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Take 60 seconds to BREATHE.

I have created these Breathing Spaces to encourage you to take a minute and refocus. From 20 seconds to 3 minutes, this time is wholly yours and yours alone.

Be still. Be present. And let it go!

The Money Poems: A Simple System for Daily Abundance

The Money Poems will teach you the right attitude toward money. Within these pages, you will find a system built on spiritual principle to cultivate the mindset that invites money and establishes peace of mind around it. Stop going to bed in knots and waking up in dread about money. This rich source of actionable wisdom offers a 49-day program to put you in the driver's seat.

Catch up on the Metaphysical

Bible Hangout

Every Thursday we tackle new themes and pose new questions. Some weeks we dive deep into stories of the Bible, and other weeks we discuss various works by New Thought authors or metaphysical topics. Join us live via Zoom each Thursday evening or subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch at your leisure!

Enroll in the Wealth Habits Academy 

At the Wealth habits Academy, our goal is to help you move in the direction to a better life, a better future, a better you. Our membership program will connect you with a community of like-minded individuals whose common goal is to have more and be more.

You're in Good Company.

Working with Sherri has helped me see my true Self, the God Self. I thought if I had more, made more money, or kept doing different things, that the undesired outer conditions would change for the better. They didn't. Sherri taught me that every word (and thought) costs or creates, and that my power is in my spoken word. My life is completely different now. I've dared to believe and speak that everything I need and require are already inside of me. I've dared to express the gifts and desires hemmed and pinned up inside of me. I AM commanding opportunities to do what I love. I AM now walking in authority. I AM showing up as the Divine Creation that I want to be and see.

Danna Kiel

Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Sherri is an unbelievable dynamo!!! Thank you so much for your Forgiveness class. I began thinking I had no one to forgive but as I progressed, I realized there was a literal floodgate of those I hadn't released; it has been a very liberating and freeing experience. I wasn't always able to listen each day and have some catch up to do, so am glad the recordings are available. I have also had the experience to say "no" which has been interesting and I must admit I am still feeling a slight twinge of guilt but not as much as I normally have... thank you!!!


Connecting with you has truly been a blessing for me as I feel I have grown so much spiritually and learned so much. Thank you for all that you do and give. You truly are an emissary of God's divine love and light.

Margaret Garvin

Morgantown, WV

When I came to Rev. Sherri, I was at a point in my life where everything was out of balance. Every area of my life was being affected by feelings of unworthiness. On our first call, Rev. Sherri was a therapist, life coach and pastor all rolled into one brilliant package. She helped me design a spiritual practical that catered to my personal habits and preferences. She taught me how to become more aware of my reactions, and how to catch myself when I was operating from a low level of consciousness. She taught me that our spiritual life is a living thing that shifts and evolves like we do. By my final session, I realized that in 6 weeks I had woven books, gratitude exercises, music, prayers and personal affirmations into a unique and beautiful spiritual practice that I love. As a result, blessings have begun to flow in every area of my life. Rev. Sherri's style of ministering is creative, fun, intense and GETS RESULTS. If you really want to take your spiritual practice to the next level, look no further.

Stacy Waring

New York, NY