The Money Poems

Within this program, you will find a rich source of actionable wisdom that puts YOU in the driver's seat!


The Money Poems is a system built on spiritual principles that cultivate a mindset that invites money and establishes peace of mind. Stop going to bed in knots and waking up in dread about money⏤this system can work for you! And when you're ready for the online course, we recommend having a copy of the book, too!

Imagine a life without financial worry!

The Money Poems can help you have it!

People with the right attitude toward money, prosper. Those without it, struggle.

You can change your money experience.

Most people lack peace of mind around money because they are chasing away their money, not inviting it into their lives! Why? Because they've got the wrong attitude. And with 20th century job security gone, we must start responding differently!


The Money Poems will teach you the right attitude toward money! This is a system built on spiritual principle that cultivates a mindset that invites money and establishes peace of mind. It's time to stop going to bed in knots and waking up in dread about money⏤it's time for you to be in the driver's seat! This rich source of actionable wisdom will show you how to: 

  • Recognize and identify your attitude toward money and how it's at play in your life!

  • Build a daily wealth practice that actually sticks.

  • Permanently and positively change your inner money conversation!

  • Dissolve lifelong beliefs that push money away!

With nearly 50% of the workforce lacking a full-time job, people everywhere keep asking, "How can I begin to plan to my life? How can I know I'll have enough work to put a meal on the table for my kids, to pay bills, let alone to save for a mortgage or get a roof over my own head?" The gig economy's feast or famine cycle demands a new attitude.


The Money Poems CAN WORK for YOU!

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